My art is a reflection of people and places that catch my eye,the interesting composition of a scene, the play of light and shadows, intriguing figures, or the emotion evoked.  Most often, the basis for my paintings is a photograph as photography allows me to record what captures my attention. When I take a photograph, I am thinking of the painting it may become. 

Painting is my channel to romanticize the reality of the photograph, transferring to canvas what I felt and thought about that moment captured in time. The painting transcends the photo to become my interpretation of the moment, my representational documentation of it.

I am interested in creating paintings that are visually strong. I like to use broad areas of color to show shapes and shadows. And I saturate the color, resulting in a textured, three-dimensional effect. I have an affinity for figures, not so much the likeness but the resulting forms and shapes.  And I have a special interest in musicians, stemming from my respect for their ability to create music. My work has been most influenced by Paul Gauguin, Thomas Hart Benton, Edward Hopper, and Vincent van Gogh.

Whether through writing, music, or painting, artists are interpreting and sharing their inspiration.  My inspiration comes from real-life, and I share through my art what I cannot express through words or music.

Thank you for visiting my gallery. I am continually adding new work, so please visit often.
Paintings by Steven G. Smith. All rights reserved.